'Loving the Artistry of Replication'

1.  Make a small incision on the back of the neck large enough to get the blade under
     the skin, starting behind the ears.  Use a sharp knife to avoid jagged edges.  Turn
     the blade upward (never cut down on the hair, always up) and make a long cut 
     between the ears to six inches behind the shoulder blade.

2.  At this point make a circumference cut around the chest then back to the point of
     where the long cut ended - behind the shoulder blade.

3.  Make a cut behind each front leg, starting just above the knee (where tuffs of hair
     meet).  Continue to cut to where the circumference cut was made.

4.  Peel the skin to the base of the head and then remove the head from carcass.

5.  On medium sized animals, such as deer, antelope, etc. the long cut down the back
     of the neck is not necessary.  If you desire, just peel the skin up to the base of the
     head and then cut the head off.

6.  Place the head and hide in a plastic bag and into the freezer if you're not taking it
     to the taxidermist at that time.  Contact me, if you'd like, and I will explain how to 
     remove the skin from the head.
Shoulder Mount Care
Make one long cut from the center base of the skull.
Make a cut behind each front leg.